Fix Me Good

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Carolina Sweets has got the hots for her married landlord, Rob, so she takes every opportunity to call him to fix things around her place…even if she has to break them first! Tired of just admiring him from afar, Carolina finally decides to make a move the ebony stud can’t ignore, taking off her top and placing his big, strong hands on her creamy breasts. This handy hunk is soon giving Carolina exactly the fix she needs, holding her in an upside-down 69 before letting her ride his hard cock until she cries out with pleasure!

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Paying His Debt

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Carolina Sweets has just found out that her boyfriend has made a mistake, a big mistake. He has racked up a big debt with his gambling, and now he owes someone a lot of money. But he has nothing left to give, so he offers the only thing he has left… her. When they arrive at Mr. Wallace’s house, Carolina knows that their relationship will never be the same again. Although she’s nervous, she’s really excited too, but when she enters the bedroom, she finds a little more than she bargained for…

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Naughty Rich Girls

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Carolina Sweets‘s boyfriend Jax comes over with a gift for her, but when she sees it’s a pot plant she freaks out because she knows her dad won’t approve. And if he doesn’t approve, he won’t continue to pay for her rent, car and every other item in her rich daughter life. As a matter of fact, her father calls her while Jax is over, and she shows him a thing or two about a thing or two, Carolina tells him a big ol’ fat lie and tells him her girlfriend is over helping her around the house, and then proceeds to pull out Jax’s big black dick and suck on it! Carolina’s sweet for that huge dick so she hangs up on daddy and lets Jax manhandle her pussy!

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Full Service

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Dealing with demanding customers is all part of the job for limo driver Nat Turnher, but with her constant complaints and demands, Carolina Sweets takes it to a whole new level! Nat had written her off as nothing but a pain in his ass when he raised the partition to catch her pink-handed, rubbing her tight pussy right there on the back seat of his ride! Always ready to go the extra mile for his customers, Nat climbed into the back seat to give her a taste of his big black cock. Turns out all that Carolina needed was to show off her blowjob skills and get a bit of that good dick!

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Rich Girl Desires: Part 2

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For as long as she can remember, Carolina Sweets‘ friend has always had everything she wanted materialistically. But when her friend manages to take advantage of their private tutor, it’s the last straw. Carolina knows that she has always had a thing for him, and now it’s her turn for revenge. After inviting him over for a private session, Carolina makes sure that she’s dressed to impress. Once they have eaten a nice meal that she has specially cooked, she asks whether he wants dessert… No prizes for guessing what’s on the menu, and it’s real sweet.

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